Financial Advisors

The next generation of investors are here, and financial advisors have a responsibility to understand new investment opportunities. Crypto gives financial advisors the ability to offer something to those younger investors and crypto curious alike.


Dramatic shifts are underway, the next generation of investors are entering their prime earning years and baby boomers are facing retirement. The clients want it, and they want help from their advisors. Being able to at least have conversations with them, understanding where it fits in a portfolio, and being able to relate it to their financial lives and goals is a big step toward winning their growing business.


We understand that financial advisors are uniquely responsible for understanding how new investment opportunities may impact their client portfolios. Space Coast Crypto Consulting can serve as a resource for insight into the digital currency ecosystem. Whatever your needs are in the blockchain and digital currency industry, we can help. It all starts with a conversation.


  •   Assist in developing strategies for your clients
  •   Personal training for you to learn how blockchain works
  •   Seminars for your team to ensure everyone is trained

Business Advisors

Whether you’re a small family store looking to begin accepting Bitcoin as payment from your customers, a large enterprise interested in Bitcoin as a strategic digital advantage over your competition, or a company considering storing your balance sheet capital in Bitcoin to hedge against fiat currency risks, we can help find the best solution for you.


  • Accept cryptocurrency for payments online and in-store
  • Training for your team to learn more about blockchain
  • Get an edge over your competition by accepting all payment types.

Personal Consulting

Hand in Hand Guidance + Crypto Coaching Learn and Earn

Intro to Bitcoin, Intro to Blockchain, Critical industry and news updates. From beginner to advanced per client need

The security and safety of buying, moving, and storing your digital assets is your responsibility. I will guide you so you can feel comfortable doing so.

up to date antivirus software installed on your Internet-connected

Set up and walk through of best exchanges and security two factor Authentication.

How to identify and avoid phishing and scams

Safest wallet, hand in hand set up and storage with recovery plan.

Compounding interest, staking, bitcoin credit card with crypto rewards. Best trusted ways to execute.

Identifying the next investment, new projects.